What is missing in the credit credit service organization industry?


And not the standard communication concerning an update on a file and the dispute process. I am talking about REAL communication, consulting, advising, coaching, however you want to describe it. 

You need communication. Communication that is inspiring… cultivating accountability.

There are responsibilities that we all must take on to be successful with our money, our friendships, our lives, and our future.

There is a lot of information that can be integral to supporting your journey, information relating to how to handle collection calls, debt settlement strategies, money management and budgeting concepts.

What might you expect to see in the ways of settlement options on collections, judgments, and charged off accounts. When should you make contact, how much should you be budgeting each month to prepare yourself financially for the opportunity to make amends toward outstanding debt obligations

There is so much more to what it takes to not only succeed in your short term credit related goals, but to maintain a healthy relationship with money that helps you to avoid the stresses and pains of living paycheck to paycheck with no room to breath.

With all this said, and so much more, really all I wanted to do is introduce to you, the Credit Builder Blueprint®, a personalized book prepared and created from a professional credit assessment of your current credit profile in correlation with your credit related goals. It helps to lay out the foundation of the Credilife® Credit Improvement Program, along with information, education, and credit related tips to support the recommendations.

The blueprint includes a summary of your current credit status and what you can expect over the course of your immediate journey.  

From the information that will be investigated through our factual technical investigation process, to a detailed breakdown of what needs to be done on a rebuilding and management path based on your goals, the any timeline surrounding them with respect to the status of your current credit profile.

There may be instructions related to specific secured or unsecured credit card options, specialized lines of credit depended on the current or forecasted credit status, and installment accounts specific to the process of building positive payment history!

Our vision and mission is to always provide you with a realistic path to success.

Once again everything is based on your financial situation, personal goals and aspirations, and timeline around their goal!

If you are looking for more information on how to improve the strength of your credit profile or have someone you would like to refer, please do not hesitate to contact us today!

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